Edik Boghosian is an award winning artist based in Armenia was born in Tehran,
Iran on 1972.
Holds BA in fine arts, graduated from art faculty of Azad University of Tehran on 1995.
He works as a freelance multidisciplinary visual artist. Contemporary art, graphic design and visual poetry are the main fields that he is active. Participant of noumerious art festivals and exhibitions, in France, Italy, Russia, Poland, Japan, Belgium, USA, Iran and Armenia.
He curated and manage many projects and exhibitions such as Control+G a poster group exhibition (2004, Artists’ House, Tehran, Iran), Pharos a graphic design exhibition dedicated to 1600th year of Armenian alphabet (2007, Artists’ House, Tehran, Iran), Concequence: Artefact a multidisciplinary art project dedicated to NK conflict (2019, Vallex Hotel, Stepanakert, Artsakh and 2020, Artists' Union of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia), In Quest of Absent a multidisciplinary art project dedicated to 44 days war of Artsakh (2021, Henrik Igityan National Centre for Aesthetics, Yerevan, Armenia), Remembering Marcos a talk show on the 15th anniversary of Marcos Grigoryan's death. A participant of ARé festival since 2018 with various projects: 36.6: Prelude, 2018 (live performance), Video poetry series (video screening) and The discreet charm of bullshit, 2019 (exhibition), Liberated Chair, 2022 (live performance dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Marcos Grigoryan's death).
In 2021, he founded the ACT cultural NGO, which aims to organize special and professional cultural events in art and graphic design fields, that have received less professional attention until now. In the same year he co-founded (with Vardan Mkrtchyan) the first international poster festival-contest of Armenia; Theatrical Posters international festival, the festivals first edition held on 2022.
He has published 3 books: Iranian contemporary poetry’s Armenian translation; Wistful Man Diary (2015, Yerevan Armenia), °C (2018, Yerevan, Armenia), Visual and experimental poetry; As If Poetry (2020, Actual Art Publication, Yerevan, Armenia).
2017   “Graphis” Silver award, USA
2017   A’ Design Bronze Award for
           Graphics and Visual Communication Design, Italy
2006   First Prize, “Ken Sprague” International Political Cartoon Competition, UK
2005   Special prize, 1st Don Quichotte competition, Germany
2004   Second Prize, “Tandis” Art Magazine’s Logo Competition, Iran
2003   Diploma, “Ecology of Lavasan”
National Cartoon Competition, Iran
2002   Diploma, Biennial of Ecological Cartoon, 2002, Yugoslavia
2002   First Prize, 2nd National Cartoon Competition of Kashan, Iran
2017   “Drinker Writers” Illustration Solo Exhibition, Armenia
2014   18th Alternative Art Group Exhibition, Armenia
2006   “Iranian Proverbs” Typography Posters Exhibition, Iran
2006   The 8th International Poster Triennial in Toyama, Japan
2004   “Molavi” Typography Posters Exhibition, Iran
2004   Solo Cartoon and Illustration Exhibition, Iran
2004   Solo Cartoon and Illustration Exhibition, Croatia
2004   “Un Cri Persan” Poster Group Exhibition, Belgium
2004   “Control+G” Poster Group Exhibition, Iran
2003   “Un Cri Persan” Poster Group Exhibition, France
2003   Solo Cartoon and Illustration Exhibition, Armenia
2002   “The Blind Owl” Typography Posters Exhibition, Iran
1997   “Father, Son, Holy Spirit” Painting Solo Exhibition, Iran
1994   Painting Group Exhibition, Iran
2017   A’ Design Award Festival, Italy
2017   “One Shot” 15 International Short Film Festival, Armenia
2017   World Press Cartoon, Portugal
2017   Juteback Poetry Film Festival, USA
2016   5th International Video Poetry Festival, Greece
2015   World Press Cartoon, Portugal
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