14',58", 2018

" ... I am the distance you put between..." — Leonard Cohen
Certain techniques of cave graphics have been in the centre of attention in modern art, especially in the mid-20th century. Some vivid examples involve Rauschenberg with his “blueprint” series and Yves Klein with his anthropometric paintings. They stamped the man directly on the paper and on the canvas without any mediator.
And how far can it be possible to leave this trace in the present-day era? A modern social networking man has returned to the cave trying to leave his mark on the “walls” with all the “inventive” means to document his alleged advantages and succeeds.
Is it necessary to leave a trace if the first one has been forgotten after the second entry? The human trace has gone down in this rapid forgetfulness, and during this abundance of contact media there has been a great loss of contacting, especially without a mediator.
The work embodies this transient trait, which reproduces the routine ritual with live communication.
If I’m not important, then my trace is much less important.
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